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DEF CON 29 - Roy Davis - No Key No PIN No Combo No Problem Pwning ATMs For Fun and Profit-9cG-JL0LHYw.mp32021-Aug-09 05:14:5027.0Maudio/mpeg
DEF CON 29 - Sheila A Berta - The Unbelievable Insecurity of the Big Data Stack-vl9hk4fQdos.mp32021-Aug-05 23:57:2924.0Maudio/mpeg
DEF CON 29 - Shir Tamari, Ami Luttwak - New class of DNS Vulns Affecting DNS-as-Service Platforms-72uzIZPyVjI.mp32021-Aug-06 01:51:4313.3Maudio/mpeg
DEF CON 29 - Sick Codes - The Agricultural Data Arms Race Exploiting a Tractor Load of Vulns-zpouLO-GXLo.mp32021-Aug-10 06:26:1313.0Maudio/mpeg
DEF CON 29 - Tomer Bar, Eran Segal - 2021 Our Journey Back To The Future Of Windows Vulnerabilities-VxNi5pVDZU0.mp32021-Aug-05 21:22:0719.6Maudio/mpeg
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